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My adventuresome
son Avery Starkey and two of his buddies embarked on a 25,000 mile expedition throughout North America in 2015 — on OLD motorcycles. They saw sites in every one of the 48 continental states, plus Canada, on their way to the furthest NW point: DeadHorse, Alaska. Check it out! They are making a documentary of their odyssey.
My passionate, talented
daughter ONell Starkey celebrates the beauty and intricacies of women's bodies and fertility. Noting the changes in the cervix and cervical fluids, this site has helped countless women conciously prevent or achieve pregnancy. Thousands of women and health educators access this site daily.
Hosting a yearly Artists' Open Studio Tour in Bernardsville & Basking Ridge, NJ,
ARTsee was founded by my friend Caren Frost Olmsted and myself in 2010. Dozens of artists now belong to this wonderful group.

A simple, straightforward teaching,
Abraham-Hicks is the "fountainhead" of Law of Attraction information. Download a free intro CD; get on their Daily Message list. I'm a huge fan - been to multiple seminars and the Alaskan Cruise with Esther, Jerry, and Abraham. "Seth for Dummies" I call them (if you are familiar with Jane Roberts and the Seth books).
I heard
Suzanne Giesemann speak in 2015 and my view of life really changed. She went from serving her country as an aide to the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff to "serving humanity" as a medium for loved ones on the Other Side. An amazing story.
Canadian artists
Robert Genn (deceased) and now his daughter Sara share an inspiring, down-to-earth newsletter twice a week, which I highly recommend.
Dr. Edward is the senior minister at my Center for Spiritual Living in Santa Rosa, CA. He's a fabulous speaker (love his South African accent), author, teacher, and a very kind person whom I always enjoy listening to at Sunday services or in classes. This is his blog.

Education is empowerment. Founded by my friend Martha Cummings, this organization provides people and institutions in impoverished regions of Africa with the academic (and other) resources to ensure educational and career opportunities that will promote just, civil, and hopeful societies.
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end the barage of junk mail catalogs that you receive but don't want!

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